Who is a diploma level holder? At the Diploma level the physiotherapist is able to look after the total needs of an athletic team. These needs include: pre-season conditioning, training camp, acute injury care, and complete rehabilitation of the athlete back to competitive level. These skills are also demonstrated in the physiotherapist’s clinical practice. Upon completion of the Diploma, a member will be entitled to call themselves a « Sport Physiotherapist » (dependent on provincial licensing regulations).

To successfully complete the diploma level of the credential program there are three major milestones:

1 – Successful completion of the Core Competency (Advanced) Course – occurs in Winter/Spring and Summer/Fall
2 – Successful completion of the Written Exam – occurs in November
3 – Successful completion of the Oral Practical Exam – occurs in May

In addition, the candidate will work with a mentor to review their logbook and provide a recommendation. Experience hours are also required.


On completion of the Diploma in Sport Physiotherapy, the physiotherapist will be able to:

  • Develop a complete regime of treatment for athletic injuries including prevention, immediate and ongoing care, and follow-up.
  • Act as site Coordinator for International events held in Canada
  • Act as Chief Therapist for Canadian Health Care Teams.
  • Work with athletic teams at National and International Levels.
  • Construct a rehabilitation plan, which will incorporate principles of coaching, protective equipment design and modification, conditioning techniques, pharmacology, and sports psychology.
  • Determine and organize the therapy supplies required for a team during training, home competition, and travel over the course of a year.
  • Recognize trends/injury patterns within a team situation and on an individual basis.
  • Act as a consultant in practical Sport Physiotherapy.
  • Refer to themselves as a “Sport Physiotherapist” (dependent on provincial licensing regulations).