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Speaker List

Dr. Clare Ardern PT, PhD

Professor Roald Bahr MD, PhD

Dr. Christian Barton PT, PhD

Dr. Keith Baar PhD

Dr. Lara Boyd PT, PhD

Dr. Johann Windt, PhD

Dr. Maria Constantinou PT, PhD

Dr. Ann Cools PT, PhD

Professor Kay Crossley PT, PhD

Dr. Sarah Haag PT, DPT, Women’s Health Certified Specialist

Dr. Alex Hutchinson Journalist, PhD

Dr. Greg Lehman PT, MSc, DC

Dr. Karen Litzy PT, DPT

Dr. Kerry MacDonald

Dr. Bob McCormack MD

Dr. Luciana De Michelis Mendonca PT, PhD

Dr. Ebonie Rio PT, PhD

Professor Ewa Roos PT, PhD

Dr. Emma K Stokes PT, PhD, MSc Mgmt

Dr. Anthony Schneiders PT, PhD

Ms. Sarah Smith PT

Dr. Kristian Thorborg PT, PhD

Dr. Jane Thornton MD, PhD

Dr. Rod Whiteley PT, PhD

Meet the Speakers


Dr Clare Ardern PT, PhD
@clare_ardern @JOSPT

Linköping University, Sweden
Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy (JOSPT)

Dr. Clare Ardern is a physiotherapist and clinical researcher addressing questions around return to play after injury. She has worked in Australia, Qatar and Sweden and currently works as a clinical researcher in the Division of Physiotherapy at Linköping University, Sweden. She has an interest in how return to play can be improved with specific clinical interventions and superior clinical decision-making. Clare is part of an international team that is developing a smartphone app to help athletes return to play after injury. Clare is Editor-in-Chief elect of the Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy (JOSPT).

Learn More about her work: 

Ardern CL, Ekås G, Grindem H, et al. 2018 International Olympic Committee consensus statement on prevention, diagnosis and management of paediatric anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries. Br J Sports Med 2018;doi:10.1136/bjsports-2018-099060 (article co-published by Knee Surgery Sports Traumatology Arthroscopy, Journal of ISAKOS and Orthopaedic Journal of Sports Medicine).

Ardern CL, Glasgow P, Schneiders A, Witvrouw E, Clarsen B, Cools A, et al. 2016 Consensus statement on return to sport from the First World Congress in Sports Physical Therapy, Bern. Br J Sports Med 2016;50:853-864.

Ardern CL, Taylor NF, Feller JA, Webster KE. Fifty-five per cent return to competitive sport following anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction surgery: an updated systematic review and meta-analysis including aspects of physical functioning and contextual factors. Br J Sports Med 2014;48:1543-1552.

Roald Bahr MD PhD

Oslo Sports Trauma Research Center, Norway

Roald Bahr MD PhD is Professor of Sports Medicine in the Department of Sports Medicine at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences and the Chair of the Oslo Sports Trauma Research Center. He is also the Chief Medical Officer for Olympiatoppen and Chair of the Medical Department at the National Olympic Training Center, and also heads the Aspetar Sports Injury & Illness Prevention Programme.

His main research area is sports injury prevention, and he has published more than 200 original research articles, review papers and book chapters, in addition to several books, with a citation index (H-index) of >50. He is the main editor of the widely acclaimed textbook “IOC Manual of Sports Injuries”, which is published in seven languages, as well as the “IOC Handbook of Sports Injury Prevention”.

Learn more about his work:

Bakken, Arnhild; Targett, Steven; Bere, Tone; Eirale, Christiano; Farooq, A; Mosler, Andrea; Tol, Johannes; Whiteley, Rod; Khan, Karim; Bahr, Roald. Muscle strength is a poor screening test for predicting lower extremity injuries in professional male soccer players – a 2-year prospective cohort study. American Journal of Sports Medicine 2018:46(6):1481-1491.

van Dyk, Nicol; Bahr, Roald; Whiteley, Rod; Tol, Johannes; Kumar, Bhavesh; Hamilton, Bruce; Farooq, Abdulaziz; Witvrouw, Erik. Hamstring and quadriceps isokinetic strength deficits are weak risk factors for hamstring strain injuries: a 4-year cohort study. American Journal of Sports Medicine 2016:44(7):1789-1795.

Mosler, Andrea; Weir, Adam; Serner, Andreas; Agricola, R; Eirale, Christiano; Farooq, A; Bakken, Arnhild; Thorborg, Kristian; Whiteley, Rod; Hölmich, Per; Bahr, Roald; Crossley, Kay. Musculoskeletal screening tests and bony hip morphology cannot identify male professional soccer players at risk of groin injuries: a 2-year prospective cohort study. American Journal of Sports Medicine. 2018:46(6):1294-1305.

Steffen, Kathrin; Nilstad, Agnethe; Krosshaug, Tron; Pasanen, Kati; Killingmo, Aleksander; Bahr, Roald. No association between static and dynamic postural control and ACL injury risk among female elite handball and football players: a prospective study of 838 players. British Journal of Sports Medicine 2017:51(4):253-259.

Krosshaug, Tron; Steffen, Kathrin; Kristianslund, Eirik Klami; Nilstad, Agnethe; Mok, Kam-Ming; Myklebust, Grethe; Andersen, Thor Einar; Holme, Ingar; Engebretsen, Lars; Bahr, Roald. The Vertical Drop Jump Is a Poor Screening Test for ACL Injuries in Female Elite Soccer and Handball Players: A Prospective Cohort Study of 710 Athletes. American Journal of Sports Medicine 2016:44(4):874-883