Who is a certificate level holder: A physiotherapist who holds their Certificate Level credentials has demonstrated knowledge and skills in sport physical therapy that contribute to the assessment and treatment of athletic injuries in the clinical and field (acute care) setting. A Certificate Holder demonstrates competence in working independently at an athletic event and has sufficient knowledge and experience to attend to injuries and needs that may occur.

To successfully complete the certificate level of the credential program there are two major milestones:

1- Successful completion of the Written Exam (occurs in November)
2- Successful completion of the Oral/Practical Exam (occurs in May)

In addition, the candidate will work with a mentor to review their logbook and provide a recommendation. Experience hours are also required.

When: May 16th, 2020
  • Valid First Responders Course or Equivalent Proof Prerequisite not met. Update
  • Credential Program Application Approved Prerequisite not met.
  • Certificate: Written Exam Prerequisite not met.
  • Certificate: Oral Practical Prerequisite not met.
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