Calls for applications that precede Games selections are managed by the organizing committees and will vary in length of time in advance of the specific Game.

Major Games Canada (MGC) is the key franchise holder to Major and Developmental Games in Canada and internationally. This collective brings together the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC), the Canadian Paralympic Committee (CPC), Commonwealth Games Canada, U Sports, Canadian Heritage (for the La Francophonie) and the Canada Games Council.

In consultation with SPC and its other experts’ groups (CASEM, RCCSS, CATA, CSMTA) MGC has developed an online application process called the Canadian Application Portal for all Games it governs. The application form allows SPC members to record their games experience and educational credentials. The portal also acts as a living document and allows members to update it when further experience and credentials are attained.

SPC members are electronically notified directly of all Calls for Applications. Calls for Applications are also available to members on the SPC website when a member has logged in.

SPC members who are in the Credential Program and have maintained an Active status are eligible for Games selection.

Applications are submitted through the MGC application portal by the specified deadline date. Late applications are not considered. The applicant’s membership status and eligibility as per the selection policy are checked.

While the application form self populates with scoring assigned to specific fields, the forms are reviewed for accuracy and appropriateness by Sport Physiotherapy Canada’s Games Application Review Committee (comprised of 3-5 Diploma holders working independently). This committee is granted access to the MGC applications following the application deadline.

Final selection is made by the Games organizers. They decide which and how many of the candidates will be offered positions on the medical team. The Games organizers are responsible for notifying the selected individuals and SPC of their decision. SPC will notify the unsuccessful applicants before announcing publicly the names of selected members.

Games organizers are responsible for all further communication with the successful candidates.

Upcoming Games Calls

IMPORTANT NOTE: Major Games Canada (MGC), in consultation with SPC and other expert groups, has developed an online application process called the Canadian Application Portal. The applicant’s SPC member status and eligibility are then reviewed by SPC’s Games Application Review Committee. Final selection and notification is completed by the Games organizers.

  • World University Games | Chengdu, China | June 26 – July 7, 2022
    • Call for:
      • Chief Therapist (1)
      • Therapists (7)
  • Commonwealth Games | Birmingham, UK | July 28 – August 8, 2022
    • Call for:
      • Chief Therapist (1)
      • Therapists (4)
  • Canada Games | Niagara, ON | August 6 – 21, 2022
    • Call for:
      • Physicians, therapists* and massage therapists (50)
        * SPC Certificate holders will be accepted
  • Games of La Francophonie | Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo | August 19 – 28, 2022
    • Call for (must be bilingual FR & EN):
      • Chief Therapist (1)
      • Therapists (7)

Late applications are not considered.

  1. You must be a SPC member in good standing
  2. Be a SPC Diploma holder (Canada Games to consider Certificate holders as well) 
  3. Have a current valid First Responder certification
  4. SPC Maintenance of Credentials are up to date


Please send all questions to