Calls for applications that precede major and developmental Games selections are managed by the organizing committees and will vary in length of time in advance of the specific Game. SPC establishes internal member deadlines for application submission to meet organizing committee criteria.

SPC members are electronically notified directly of all Calls for Applications. Calls for Applications are also available to members on the SPC website when a member has logged in.

SPC members who are in the Credential Program and have maintained an Active status are considered for Games selection.

Applications are submitted to Sport Physiotherapy Canada by the specified deadline date. Late applications are not considered. The applicant’s membership status and eligibility as per the selection policy are checked.

The Sport Physiotherapy Canada Selection Team (comprised of 3-5 Diploma holders working independently) is forwarded all applicants’ biographical sketches and submitted applications for ranking. The ranking is based on a pre-established National selection criteria grid and is applied equally to all applicants.

Each Selection Team member follows the established grid to score the applicants. Their resulting scores are submitted to the Selection Team Leader who compiles all scores to determine the overall rankings. These are sent to the SPC National Office.

SPC National Office provides the names in ranked order to the Games Organizing Committee based on their specific guidelines.

Final selection is made by the Games organizers. They decide which and how many of the ranked candidates will be offered positions on the medical team. The Games organizers are responsible for notifying the selected individuals and SPC of their decision. SPC will notify the unsuccessful applicants before announcing publicly the names of selected members.

Games organizers are responsible for all further communication with the successful candidates.

2019 Major Games Calls Open: 


1- Please download the information sheet for the games you wish to apply to.

2- Update your most recent games application form OR for first time applicants download one below. Be sure your application includes all your current experience- remember the scoring committee will not review resumes just your application form so be sure to utilize the checklist below to submit a complete application.

3- Clearly indicate the games and position (chief, core or both) on your application.

4- Submit your application to with the games clearly labelled.

No late applications will be accepted.

Canada Winter Games- Canada Games- Information Sheet- SPC Call for Applications
Sponsored Team Positions
Minimum of an SPC Certificate required

PanAmerican Games- 2019 PanAm Game Information Sheet
Chief and Core Positions
Minimum of an SPC Diploma required

Universiade- Winter- Information Sheet – 2019 Winter Universiade Medical
Chief and Core Positions
Minimum of an SPC Diploma required

Universiade- Summer- Information Sheet- 2019 Summer Universiade Medical
Chief and Core Positions
Minimum of an SPC Diploma required

Application Resources:


SPC Games Application Check List

SAMPLE- Selection Scoring Grid