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Thank you to those who recently joined us at CASEM in Mt. Tremblant for our AGM.  It is always so much fun to connect with our SPC regular attendees and meet those who are local to the conference area.   Next year will see us, again, holding our June AGM in concert with the CASEM conference in Halifax.  Please consider joining us there.

This year’s AGM also marked our first electronic meeting of this nature. With fingers crossed and a little breath holding, it went without a hitch.  Thank you to Marsha, Tamas and Tim, our CPA colleagues, who stayed late on a Friday night to help us from remotely.

Our Division continued its recent tradition of having more nominees than available spots for election to the SPC Board.  Congratulations to Paul Hunter and Timberly George, who were re-elected for their 2nd terms.

SPC Board Members: Paul, Timberly, Shannon, Nadine and Kim all thumbs up after a great AGM and CASEM conference!


Some reflections from CASEM conference. We hope you will join us next year in Halifax!

I was privileged to attend CASEM as the Chair of SPC BC. It was a great conference with very interesting sessions, new research, clinical tidbits and a fabulous time to reconnect with physiotherapists and physicians as well as meet new colleagues. Meetings and elections went smoothly for SPC and I look forward to working with the National executive through the next year. Congratulations to Timberly and Paul on their re-elections.

For me, the biggest take-home from the conference is the emergence of regenerative medicine. It is the way of the future and we all need to be up on the research in this area. PRP and Stem Cell injections may be administered by physicians but we need to be informed so we can refer appropriately and inform our patients if they should be considering these new treatments. As with many treatments, especially new ones, the research lags what is being done in the clinics and offices and we need to be aware of this. There are certainly many different points of view on these treatments, which we also need to be respectful of. Regardless, keep reading and talking to colleagues and we will see where this all goes! Exciting times in our field, as always!

I am already looking forward to CASEM June 2018 in Halifax!
-Paige Larson, BC


A hit home point when Dr Richard Goudie spoke on para athletes. I found it to be scary and enticing.  He highlighted things that could go wrong and they do remind you to review some basic skills before taking on a para team.

John Boulay’s (CATA) session on emergency care was also on point. Reminder to make sure you are up-to-date on your Sports Responder before leaving with a team!

The Berlin Concussion summary by Dr Jamie Kissick was also good. He was on point and summarized all the pertinent stuff. Details are in the May edition of the BJSM.

– Marc Rizzardo


We enjoyed a very informative presentation on the Relative Energy Deficiency Syndrome from Dr. Margo Mountjoy.  A very good update for those of us (I’ll admit to it) who were still calling it the Female Triad Syndrome.

-Nadine Plotnikoff