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Are you a physiotherapist actively practicing in Canada?

We are conducting a study evaluating physiotherapists experiences identifying and managing Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport while practicing in Canada. The survey takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. For more information on the study as well as the link to the survey, click here.

Your participation is greatly appreciated!

The goal of this study is to assess Canadian physiotherapists’ knowledge of Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S) (originally known as the Female Athlete Triad), and their confidence levels in recognizing, treating, and managing the condition. Overall, research about what Canadian sports and women’s health physiotherapists know about RED-S is extremely limited. It is also unclear what training exists in Canada for sport and women’s health physiotherapists regarding the diagnosis and treatment of RED-S, or if physiotherapists feel confident in their abilities to assist an athlete with managing RED-S. Therefore, my aim is to investigate these factors to highlight areas where improvements in training for physiotherapists may be necessary to improve the identification and management of RED-S, improve the overall health of athletes, and increase longevity in sport.  

Results from this study will be used to develop resources that can inform sport physiotherapists about RED-S and the roles that they can play in its diagnosis and management in athletes.  

We hope to recruit as many Canadian Sports Physiotherapists who may experience RED-S in their practice as possible. We are reaching out to ask if your organization might consider sharing the link to my survey in your newsletter, on social media, or via your email list?  

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