The Sport Physiotherapy Canada (SPC) Credential Program relies on current credential holders to work as mentors to candidates who are preparing to challenge a credential level. As the Credential Program has been designed to allow physiotherapists to gain experience professionally while continuing their professional development, it is important to offer candidates quality guidance as they progress through the program.

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SPC Mentor Requirements

  • Must have attained and maintained either a Certificate or Diploma in Sport Physiotherapy at all times;
  • Must be a current SPC member and have a current First Responder certification at all times;
  • Is aware of and able to promote the overall direction and goals of Sport Physiotherapy Canada; and
  • Must be formally appointed by Sport Physiotherapy Canada.

SPC Mentor Responsibilities

  • Only mentor candidates who are working towards a level that the mentor has obtained; that is, a mentor with a Certificate in Sport Physiotherapy can only mentor a Certificate exam candidate and mentor with a Diploma in Sport Physiotherapy can mentor either a Certificate or Diploma exam candidate;
  • Have thorough knowledge and understanding of the current Credential Program Syllabus, the examination process and expectations;
  • Be aware of major SPC initiatives that may impact or assist the candidates in their preparations;
  • Be comfortable explaining linkages between the Credential Program and the overall SPC Education System;
  • Be available to the candidate throughout the examination process, from attaining hours, applying to the exam, and completing both the written and practical examinations;
  • Provide support to the candidate to guide proper completion of examination applications and other required documents;
  • Review the candidate’s logbook on a least 3 occasions prior to the application deadline and complete 3 separate Mentor’s Reports to be given to the candidate for review and submission with the candidate’s examination application;
  • Complete a Mentor Recommendation Letter for the candidate prior to the examination application deadline for submission with their examination application; and
  • Be available to the candidate in their preparation for both the written and practical examination. It is expected that the candidate will initiate all requests for meetings to the mentor.


SPC Mentor Appointment Process

After successful completion of the Certificate of Diploma Level of the SPC Credential Program, a credential holder is eligible to apply to be a mentor. The credential holder should first verify that their credentials and necessary requirements are up to date by reviewing their SPC member profile on the SPC website, If all of the SPC mentor requirements are met, the credential holder may apply to become a mentor.

Those interested should review the mentor requirements and responsibilities prior to applying to become a mentor. By completing and signing the application form, the credential holder agrees to commit to the responsibilities outline above. The mentor application should be submitted through the mentor section of

After submission to SPC has been made, the application will be reviewed and verified. The applicant will then be informed of their appointment – or reasons for non-appointment – and their contact information is added to the SPC Mentor listing. Immediately upon appointment by SPC, the Credential holder is granted their Mentor Status and permitted to formally support other SPC members through the Credential Program.

Maintenance of Mentor Qualifications

Every three (3) years SPC credential holders are required to submit documentation to maintain their credential status. SPC mentors will be asked to renew their commitment to mentorship along with their routine submission for credential maintenance. Additionally, every three (3) years, mentors will be required to attend a 2-hour SPC Mentor Training Session. This session will review the current strengths and weaknesses of exam candidates, any changes being made to the exam process and/or marking scheme, and any other important information pertaining to the SPC Credential Program. These sessions will be held annually and will coincide with the Annual General Meeting and can be attended remotely through a web-based program.

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