Sport Physiotherapy Canada Credential Program Mentor Selection

Congratulations and welcome to the Sport Physiotherapy Canada (SPC) Credential Program. As the Credential Program has been designed to allow physiotherapists to gain experience professionally while continuing their professional development, it is important to offer candidates quality guidance as they progress through the program. One of your first steps as a candidate will be to connect with an approved SPC mentor.

With your welcome package to the SPC Credential Program, you received a SPC Mentor Listing. This listing is the most up to date information of SPC Credential holders who have made a commitment to give candidates guidance throughout the SPC Credential Program. As a candidate, it is your responsibility to initiate contact with a possible mentor. The following form will help you to ensure that you are providing a possible mentor with all of the necessary information.

Please note, if you are already in contact with a SPC Credential holder who is not listed as mentor, please have them contact SPC to learn about becoming a mentor. Until they have been approved as a SPC mentor, they may not act as your primary mentor.

Connecting with a Potential Mentor

SPC understands that for some candidates, the task of connecting with a mentor can be daunting. We would like to make the SPC Credential Program a positive experience for you. Begin by completing the form and identifying some potential mentors. Reach out to your identified mentors in the manner they have listed. If you do not hear back from them right away, give them a few days and gently reach out to them again. SPC mentors are busy professionals, but have chosen to be available as a mentor.

Once you have connected with a mentor, you should review the Mentorship Agreement with the mentor. This will allow you both to set out your expectations of mentorship and will allow you to see if you are the right fit for each other. With the agreement in place, you are ready to begin your supported path to success in sport physiotherapy.