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This area of the website is dedicated to mentors and mentees involved in the SPC Credential Program.

We have been working over the last twelve months to improve the mentorship system and experience in the SPC Credential System for both exam candidates and mentors.  During this period, surveys were completed by current SPC mentors, exam candidates and examiners to evaluate the current system and make suggestions for improvement.  We hope that the new system will allow more uniform access to consistent and reliable mentorship while maximizing the use and perceived value of all mentors in our system.

Based on the feedback received, new guidelines have been developed for mentors and exam candidates to assist in the consistency of the mentorship experience.  These guidelines include increased responsibility for exam candidates and mentors.  A full copy of the new guidelines can be found on the Resources Page here

Exam candidates will be required to complete a self-assessment tool to assist the mentor in identifying areas requiring increased attention and a more formal learning contract will be recommended (template provided).  Additionally, it is now the recommendation of SPC that mentors should be charging for their time.  The recommended rate (based on member feedback) is $50/hr for practical sessions with a (recommended) maximum of 2 candidates per session.  The exception to this recommendation is those situations in which a mentor benefits directly from the success of an exam candidate (i.e.: clinic owner).  

To ensure mentors’ comfort and competence in preparing candidates for the exam, they will now be required to attend a two hour workshop once every three years (that will be held at least once annually in conjunction with the Annual General Meeting).  This workshop will be a presentation of the current exam structure and discussion of the trends in strengths and weaknesses of candidates.  The maintenance of the mentor credential will be submitted every three years with your maintenance of SPC Credentials.  We recognize that it will take several years for all members to be compliant with the maintenance of their mentor status.  To accommodate this reality, the first group of mentors who are required to have the mentor workshop will be those scheduled to maintain their credentials in 2018.  The first workshop will be held in 2017 with date/location TBA as soon as possible.  We strongly encourage mentors to attend the session in-person however, we understand that circumstances might not always allow for you to travel to the meeting; therefore, there will be an option to attend the meeting remotely (i.e.: via Skype) if necessary.  

At this time, we are compiling a brand new list of mentors based on those who express interest in being involved in this new system.   If you are interested in continuing or beginning to be involved as a mentor with SPC, please complete the Mentor Application. 

Thank you so much for your continued support of exam candidates – we hope this new system helps improve your experience!

Step 1 SPC is refreshing our mentor listing. Please click here to submit your information to become an SPC or renew your SPC Mentorship status.

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