Registered members of the International Federation of Sport Physical Therapists (IFSPT) may apply for an expedited process for achieving the Sport Physiotherapy Canada Certificate and Diploma.

Requirements for application:

If the above requirements are met, the candidate may bypass the following parts of the SPC Credential Program:

  • Candidates will not be required to participate in or pass the Core Courses; however, they are encouraged and invited to do so
  • Candidates will not be required to pass the Written Exam for the Certificate or Diploma levels
  • Required on-field sport experience hours

RISPT-credentialed candidates will still be required to complete and pass the following in order to become SPC credentialed:

  • Indirect and direct mentorship hours
  • Oral Practical Certificate Exam
  • Oral Practical Diploma Exam
    • Note the Certificate and Diploma exams cannot be completed in the same weekend, as in the same annual exam cycle

If you are interested in beginning the process of a SPC Credential Program Equivalency, please email