Chris originally qualified as a physiotherapist and worked in private practice and with various sports teams for over 10 years before he entered academia. He gained his Masters in Sports Physiotherapy from the University of South Australia and his PhD from Auckland University of Technology. Chris is currently an Associate Professor and Head of Department, Sport and Exercise Science at Auckland University of Technology. He is also a member of the Sports Performance Research Institute NZ where he works with the Sport Injury Prevention group. The current focus of his research is prevention of sports injuries in youth with a focus on neuromuscular warm-up, early specialization, growth/maturation and knowledge/attitudes to injury. He has current research collaborations with New Zealand (NZ) Rugby, Netball NZ, NZ Football and Basketball NZ.

Olympic gold medalist, Hockey Hall of Famer, author and motivational speaker

Seven World Championships; Six Olympic appearances; Five Olympic medals; Four Olympic Gold medals – Hayley Wickenheiser is a titan of sport and a leader both on and off the ice.

Most recent recognized by her peers by her induction into the Hockey Hall of Fame, her hockey IQ is highly respected in all areas of both the male and female game. She was the first female player in the world to notch a point in a men’s professional game while playing in Finland, and played in or coached at four NHL development camps with the Philadelphia Flyers, the Edmonton Oilers and the Toronto Maple Leafs, the first woman in history to have done so. She is also still holds the record for the most assists, points and goals for the Canadian Women’s National team.

Hayley’s ascent to the top of the sport started in Shaunavon, Saskatchewan when at age 15 she was the youngest member chosen from the Canadian Women’s National team. Her Olympic career spanned 23 years, five Olympic medals and two sports, as she also competed in softball in Sydney 2000. In 2014 she was Canada’s official flag bearer and she now serves on the IOC Athletes Commission and is the Vice Chair of the Calgary 2026 Bid Committee.

She is currently in her final year of Medicine at the University of Calgary where she spends as much time as possible outdoors and with her university-aged son Noah.

Kristian Thorborg’s area of expertise is prevention, assessment and treatment of sports and orthopedic injuries. His clinical work and research includes all aspects of sport from elite to sub-elite – and all genders.

Kristian Thorborg is Professor at Copenhagen University (50% research), Denmark, in Orthopedic Surgery. Kristian is also currently Visiting Professor at Lund University (20% research), Sweden, in Sports Sciences. He is currently employed as Research Lead of 1) the Sports Orthopedic Research Center – Copenhagen (SORC-C) and 2) Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Research – Copenhagen (PMR-C) programme (Sports Medicine). Both centers/programmes are part of the Copenhagen – International Olympic Committee (IOC) – Research Centre in Injury and Illness Prevention, a collaboration between SORC-C, and Institute for Sports Medicine Copenhagen.

Kristian has published in Nature Disease Primer (2021), Nature Scientific Reports (2018) and JAMA, Surgery (2020), and has been the guest editor of Br J Sport Med four times (2017-2020). Kristian Thorborg has thirteen of his papers chosen as “Editor´s Choice” in international medical journals (2010-2020) and has published more than >250 original research articles, review papers, clinical commentaries, editorials and book chapters in the area of his expertise; prevention, assessment and treatment of sports and orthopedic injuries. From the 186 peer-reviewed PubMed publications Kristian has 33 as first author, 48 as last author, with more than 30% of these papers published in the highest impact journals (≥ Impact Factor 12) within sports medicine and/or orthopedics. His current citation index (H-index) is 44, with > 7000 citations in total, >1700 citations in 2020.

Martin Hägglund is professor and subject responsible of physiotherapy at the Department of Medical and Health Sciences, Linköping University, Sweden. He is a senior researcher and board member in the Football Research Group (FRG) that runs a large-scale injury surveillance project in professional football in collaboration with the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA); the UEFA Elite Club Injury Study.

He is chair of the Sport Without Injury Programme (SWIPE) at Linköping University, a research program focusing on injury and illness prevention in athletes. He has several ongoing international research collaborations. His main research areas are in sports injury epidemiology, injury prevention and implementation, and return to sports. His main body of work has been in team ball sports, with a focus on football (soccer). He has around 100 published research articles, with a Web of Sciences citation H-index of 38. He does editorial work for three major sports medicine journals. He is a frequent speaker at international sports medicine & physiotherapy conferences.

Martin is a former football and handball player, but now enjoys sports from the sideline as coach for a kids’ football team, and physical activity in the form of trail running and mountain biking.

Merete Møller (MM), PhD has a background as a physiotherapist and a former elite handball player. Her passion as a researcher is to help youth athletes achieve their full potentials and keeping them active throughout their lives, by reducing the long- and short-term burden of injury through injury prevention.

MM split her time between working as an researcher at Oslo Sports Trauma Research Center and completing the Health And Performance Promotion in Youth sport (HAPPY)-project, aiming to optimize, evaluate, and implement physical training strategies targeting to reduce the risk of injuries and enhance performance in a “real-world” handball setting at the University of Southern Denmark.

Natalia FN Bittencourt is a Sports Physical Therapist, Post Doc at VU Amsterdam Medical Center; Ph.D. in Rehabilitation Science. Currently, she is the Head of Sports PT Department of Atletico Mineiro Clube – Soccer (Brazil) and Associator Editor of JOSPT.

She worked as the Head of Sports PT Department of Minas T. Club for 15 years. She was responsible for organizing the Preseason Assessment and Rehabilitation of 1000 youth athletes from 8 different sports. Also, she worked as Adjunct Professor at Uni-BH and SONAFE’s Executive Board (Brazilian National Society of Sports Physical Therapy). She worked as Sports PT of the Brazilian Women’s Volleyball Team – Under-20 for five years. Finally, she helped to develop a Sports PT application aimed to improve the assessment process.

Dr. Osman Ahmed is a Physiotherapist and researcher based in the United Kingdom. Alongside his clinical role at University Hospitals Dorset NHS Foundation Trust, he holds a Visiting Senior Lecturer position at the University of Portsmouth. He works as an itinerant Physiotherapist to the Football Association and has attended the 2008 and 2016 Paralympic Games as Physiotherapist to the Great Britain Cerebral Palsy football (soccer) squad. He is an Associate Editor at the British Journal of Sports Medicine and the BMJ Open Sport & Exercise Medicine, and Director of Medical & Sports Science at the International Federation of Cerebral Palsy Football. He is also Medical Unit lead for the global Para Football Foundation and sits on the medical committee for the International Blind Sports Association.


Tron Krosshaug, PhD is a professor at the Oslo Sports Trauma Research Center and the Department of Sports Medicine at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences. His main research area is sports injury prevention, with a primary focus on video analysis and biomechanical analysis of ACL injury in various sports. He defended his PhD thesis on the topic “Video analysis of the mechanisms for ACL injuries” in August 2006. In the PhD work he developed a new method for extracting detailed joint motion from videos of real injury situations.

Moreover, he is the founder and CEO of the company Muscle Animations, developing state-of-the-art 3D animations of strength training biomechanics.

Dr. William Bridel is an associate professor with the Faculty of Kinesiology at the University of Calgary. With a distinct interest in studying sex, gender, and sexuality, William’s SSHRC-funded research focuses on LGBTQI2S+ inclusion in Canadian sport, and figure skating specifically. His advocacy work includes being a founding member of the LGBTQI2S+ Sport Inclusion Task Force, speaking to local, provincial, and national sport organizations on LGBTQI2S+ inclusion, as well as development of policy and educational resources. His research and advocacy work also addresses bullying in the context of sport and the larger cultural context. In recognition of his work in sport and on campus, William received the 2021 University of Calgary Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Faculty Award.