Council Members


Ryan Williams– Chair

Linda Truong- Treasurer

Carolyn Williams– Secretary

Danielle Bles– Marketing and Communications

Mercedes Eustergerling– Education

Chris Holt– Membership Development

Alex Yaworski- Special Events

Steven Haslett– Student representative


Sport Physiotherapy Alberta is pleased to announce a new initiative involving local sport organizations. We are offering courses for coaches, athletes, parents and the general public. These courses will be delivered by a member of Sport Physiotherapy Alberta and they are designed to provide accurate, affordable and evidence-based information about their sport. Topics can include sport injury prevention and management, protective equipment, warm up and cool down and concussions. If there is a specific topic of interest in the group, this information can be presented and there will be Q & A sessions to address any areas of interest. If you know of a sport organization that might be interested in such an information session, they can contact Mercedes at  and she can provide them with the fees, detailed information and the registration form.

SPC Alberta Division Student Merit Award:


The Sport Physiotherapy Canada-AB Division Executive has been hard at work to develop a $200.00 merit award to encourage and reward our student members for their participation in sport throughout the province. SPC-AB will award one $200 Merit Award to the most deserving student based on the following criteria:

1.       Must be a registered physiotherapy student at the University of Alberta in their third (graduating) year of the program

2.       Must accumulate 20 or greater hours of team/event medical coverage 

3.       Have a minimum valid first aid and CPR certification or greater

4.       Must be a current Sport Physiotherapy Canada member

5.       Complete the application form

6.       Complete the 250 word written essay on the topic provided

7.       Provide a complete clinical resume including all volunteer hours spent working with teams/athletic events

*Please email for a copy of the application form.


All materials must be postmarked no later than December 1, 2015. 


* note all applicants who apply for the Merit Award and meet all the eligibility criteria will receive a one year free membership from Sport Physiotherapy Canada.


If there are any questions or concerns please feel free to contact Chris Holt, the Membership Development Director of SPC-AB Division,at





Coverage needed:

2016 Skate Canada Challenge Edmonton Alberta 

December 2-6, 2015

Sport physio certification recommended for rink side coverage and medical room coverage

see for more information or contact


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