To provide leadership and direction to members of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association for the advancement of sport physical therapy by fostering excellence in practice, education and research for the benefit of active Canadians.



A dynamic organization, national in scope, which can effectively facilitate research, communication, education and service delivery while providing leadership and recognition in sport physical therapy.

Active Individuals

An organization which coordinates, promotes and provides programs and services for the health, safety and optimal performance of all participants in sport and sport physical therapy.


Sport Physiotherapy Canada is committed to act with integrity, to honour the rights and dignity of all individuals, to recognize their responsibility to society, and to pursue a quest for excellence in professional activities by:

  • recognizing and uniting the members of the CPA interested in all aspects of Sport Physiotherapy
  • providing leadership in the advancement of health promotion / injury prevention, education and service to active individuals
  • openly sharing knowledge and information with our partners in the Sports Medicine and Science Community
  • maintaining high standards of the delivery of sport physiotherapy