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Date: March 21st, 2020 @ 9:00am America/Toronto to March 23rd, 2020 @ 6:00pm America/Toronto
Location: Physical Edge Physiotherapy, Oakville Ontario
Bundled PriceCAD$430.00
Plus applicable provincial taxes.
Taping OnlyCAD$265.00
Plus applicable provincial taxes.
Protective Equipment OnlyCAD$190.00
Plus applicable provincial taxes.

Please select this option if you are wishing to attend both Taping and Protective Equipment on March 21/22 2020


Physical Edge Physiotherapy, Oakville Ontario



SPC Members: $400 plus tax

Non- Members: $430 plus tax


SPC Members: $250 plus tax, Non-Members: $265 plus tax


SPC Members: $175 plus tax, Non-Members: $190 plus tax



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$100 cancellation fee for cancellation made up to two weeks prior to course, after which point no refund is granted.

About Taping & Protective Equipment 

Taping for Sport & Performance 

For all participant types, including those working on SPC credentialing!

Strong taping techniques help Health Care professionals progress their treatment programs more effectively. Whether in the clinic or at a sporting event, taping is an essential rehabilitation technique that can effectively help a client return to work, play or daily living activities.Taping has been used in the sporting world for many years to provide support and protection to an injured part, allowing early and safe return to activity. The value of taping for non – sport specific rehabilitation is growing rapidly and patients can benefit from you maximizing its application in your practice.

In this 1 day hands-on, practical course, the participant will learn how to prevent and care for common injuries with the proper use of taping and wrapping techniques. Emphasis will be on the most common injury areas of ankle, wrist and thumb taping and simple elbow or knee blocking will also be covered.

The course is supported by online pre-course learning and post-course key concept review to maximize educational value.

Whether working with an active population, recreational, or elite athletes, ensure you include strong taping skills as a key part of your clinical toolbox !

Note please come ready to have taping applied to you in comfortable clothing. Please alert us at of any tape allergies.

Protective Equipment Analysis & Application 

Great for all levels of knowledge, especially for those working on credentialing!

Protective equipment is an essential component of safe participation in all levels of sport and activity. This one day, hands-on course is designed for physiotherapists and other clinicians interested in furthering their professional practice to include a more comprehensive understanding of the use of protective equipment in sport and physical activity.

Practitioners who are responsible for the selection, maintenance and/or modification of protective equipment will find this course of great benefit – regardless of the type of level of sport covered. Learning will focus on assessment of design features and activity specific analysis. Participants will develop confidence and skills in selection, fit, and maintenance of sport protective equipment for athletes across a broad range of ages and physical abilities. Issues involving protective equipment affecting athletes ranging from recreational to elite levels will also be considered and discussed.

Whether working with an active population, recreational, or elite athletes, ensure you have a solid foundation in protective equipment management as a key part of your clinical toolbox!