In recognition of Dr. David Magee’s contribution to the development and leadership of the Sport Physiotherapy Canada (SPC), a Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association, the “David Magee Sports Physiotherapy Scholarship” was established in the fall of 1979 and first awarded in 1980 at the SPC AGM. In 1988, at the Annual Council Meeting, the name of the award was changed to the “Sport Physiotherapy Canada David Magee Award”.

Criteria for Selection:

All nominees/applicants must be members in good standing of SPC and the Canadian Physiotherapy Association.

There are three categories of this award:

1. Outstanding Contribution to Sport Physiotherapy Canada:
a) Nominee/applicant has served on the executive of SPC at either the National/Provincial or Unit level. Or
b) Nominee has contributed to activities of SPC either nationally or provincially/Unit for a minimum of 2 years. For example, organizing courses, symposium, and sports coverage.
c) Nominations will be accepted by colleagues/SPC members (nominators do not have to be SPC members).
A letter citing the reasons for nomination must accompany the Dave Magee Nomination form.
d) Selection will be based on length of service, quality of service.

2. Award to help with expenses of Certificate/Diploma examinations:
a) Nominee/applicant has contributed to SPC National/provincial/unit via an executive position, event organization, mentorship program, etc.
b) Nominee/applicant is registered or going to register for the Certificate or Diploma exams within 2 years of the Dave Magee Award nomination/application.
c) The Dave Magee Award application can be completed by the exam candidate or can be submitted on their behalf by colleagues, other SPC members.

3. Successful completion of Certificate or Diploma Exam Process with Distinction:
a) Candidates who complete the Certificate or Diploma Exam Process with Distinction in the written and/or practical portion will receive a Dave Magee Award.
b) In the event of more than one Distinction being achieved the Award will be shared by those successful.
In the event that nominations are received in only one or two of the categories the selection Committee has the right to award more than one award in another category so that 3 Awards are presented each year, should there be a suitable applicant.

Deadline for Application: Monday, April 3rd, 2023

DOWNLOAD: Dave-Magee-Application-Form-2023

Process: Completed Application/Nomination form plus letter(s) of recommendation/nomination describing the contributions made by the applicant.

Presentation: The awards will be announced and presented at the SPC AMM.

Note: No application/nomination needed for the Exam Distinction Award (this will be submitted by the Chief Examiner.)

Some of the past winners for this award include:

Kim Lee-Knight
Heather Clegg
Laura Andrews
Tracy Blake
Angelo Boulougouris
Rick Celebrini
Brad Curry
Steve Di Ciacca
Timberly George
Trish Hopkins
Laura Lundquist
Agnes Makowski
Sarah Marshall
Amy Montgomery
Joann Parsons
Judith Proulx-Snedden
Christian Séguin
Rhonda Shishkin