The Oral Practical exam takes place the first weekend of May of every year. The exam occurs in person with an examining team. The location of the exam rotates West, Central, East so that you can find a location that suits you within 3 years of completing your written exam.

If the need arises SPC may organize an additional date for oral practical exam sitting. This option will be communicated and will only occur if the numbers require.



Current First Responder certification and a letter from your mentor is required to be submitted with the oral practical exam application.

Candidates for the Sport Physiotherapy Certificate examination must have at a minimum 200 hours of documented practical experience as a graduated physiotherapist (hours accumulated after graduation).

Although 200 hours is recommended number of hours, it has been shown that candidates with greater number of practical experience hours (i.e. up to 800 hours) have less difficulty meeting curriculum objectives and statistically show higher exam success rates. The practical experience should be documented in the recommended logbook format as provided in this syllabus.

Criteria for gaining practical experience are as follows:

  1. Experience must be gained in at least two sports.
  2. The candidate should have a minimum of 75 hours of practical experience documented in each sport.

One of two sports must be a contact sport such as hockey, football, lacrosse, rugby, soccer or the combative sports such as wrestling, judo, boxing, Tae Kwon Do. The purpose of including contact sport hours is to ensure that candidates have adequate experience handling a variety of acute injuries. The type of experience is most important in preparing the candidates for the practical-oral examination. The SPC Mentor should be consulted if there is some question as to the appropriateness of the sports covered.

Ski Patrol Policy: Hours worked with ski patrol are not eligible for documented hours towards the Certificate or Diploma exams. While Ski Patrol offers the candidate first aid experience it does not provide the opportunity to gain experience in the context of the whole team or athlete. It does not provide opportunities to work with athletes on a continuous basis providing education, prevention and follow-up to the athlete/team.

75 hours must be contact or combative sports as stated above; 75 hours must be collected from one other single sport to ensure in-depth experience with that sport.

Traveling time is not to be included as part of the hours recorded towards the practical experience requirement.

The candidate for SPC Certificate examinations must have practical experience of taping ankles, arches, wrists, thumbs, elbows and fingers. Effectiveness of taping is stressed in the Sport Physiotherapy Certificate examination.

About the 2018 Oral Practical Examination

2018 Oral Practical Examination for SPC Certificate Candidates and SPC Diploma CandidatesExamination DetailsDate: Friday May 4, 2018 to Sunday May 6, 2018
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Rehabilitation Building, University of TorontoRegistration Window: REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN Registration will close at 11:59pm Eastern on January 31, 2018. No late registrations will be accepted after this time.

Registration: Please log in to your profile to register. Contact Allison if you need assistance with your profile ( 

Fees:  Fees for 2018 remain unchanged at $700 plus tax ($640 exam fee plus $60 application fee)

Exam Time assignment: Candidates will receive their assigned timeslot by February 15th at 5pm eastern time. We try our best to accommodate travel distances and time preferences but we make no guarantees. Please block the entire weekend on your calendar until you have received your assigned time.Note: We run 3-4 rooms of exams consecutively and must take account examiner conflicts and language preferences. The schedule is very complex and will not allow switching times. Please block the weekend until your time is received.Policies Related to Oral Practical Exam:Refunds:
Up to February 15th, 2018 a full refund minus a $60 application fee.After February 15th, 2018 a 50% refund will be issued. SPC may at our discretion issue a full refund minus $60 application fee for medical or extenuating circumstances.

After April 1, 2018 no refunds will be issued. SPC may at our discretion issue a full refund minus $60 application fee for medical or extenuating circumstances.Examination Policies: Can all be found in our credential program syllabus- please be sure you are utilizing the 2017 syllabus (see documents section of this screen for downloadable version).Note: The 2017 syllabus should be used for this exam, not the newly released (Jan. 2018 release date) version.

Questions: Please direct all your questions to Allison Biewald, Member Service Coordinator E: program@sportphysio.caP: (613) 564-5454 or toll free (800) 387-8679 extension 260Documents: Please upload any missing documents in a PDF file to your profile.2017- Updated Credential Program Syllabus FINAL

Oral Practical Exam Marking Guides: note these are subject to MINOR wording or clarification changes by the Chief Examiner in 2018. The marking guide is provided as a courtesy and SPC reserves the right to edit it up to the examination date to provide marking clarity for the examiners.Certificate-Marking-GuideDiploma Marking GuideAdditional ResourcesAn online webinar with the Chief Examiner will be scheduled for candidate and mentors. Please note the purpose of this webinar is to give a brief overview of what to expect from the examination experience. You are also able to ask questions to the Chief Examiner- it is as useful as you make it!Dates: To be released for sign up January 2018 (No cost to sign up)

When: May 4th, 2018 from 12:00am to 7:00pm America/Toronto
  • Valid First Responders Course or Equivalent Proof Prerequisite not met. Update
  • Certificate: Written Exam Prerequisite not met.
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