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The Holahan lab is recruiting for 2 online surveys (administered by Qualtrics) entitled:

Study 1 =  Prolonged symptoms in cognition and emotional outcomes of sport-related concussion in adults”. This study has been cleared by an ethics committee under CUREB-B Clearance 112126. The study is supervised by Dr. Matthew Holahan, Department of Neuroscience.

Study 2 = Prolonged symptoms of sport-related concussion and memory in adults. This study has been cleared by an ethics committee under CUREB-B Clearance # 112127. This study is supervised by Dr. Matthew Holahan, Department of Neuroscience.

We would greatly appreciate it if you would pass the following message and survey links on to your athletes and/or post in your clubhouse.

Study 1 –

Study 2 –

We are conducting a study that is looking at prolonged concussion symptoms and their impact on memory and emotions. We want to know what kind of lasting symptoms people have and if the number of concussions or other health issues, such as depression, makes people have more difficulties with memory and emotions. This is a clinical research study and it is not intended to provide treatment for a concussion.

We are recruiting both participants for the concussion group and the control group.

Concussion Group Inclusion Criteria:Control Group Inclusion Criteria:
– Have prolonged symptoms from a sport-related concussion that happened at least 1 month prior
– Be aged 18-60 years old
– Do not have a current illness, such as flu, pneumonia, infections
– Not be involved in litigation
– Do not have a severe brain injury (TBI) or other neurological condition
– Must be able to read, write, and understand English
– Able to write sentences/stories for 30min
– Must have not had a concussion or TBI before
– Must be aged 18-60 years old
– Do not have another neurological condition
– Able to read, write, and understand English  

Potential risk/discomfort. Some of the questions in this study do ask about stressful experiences, negative thinking, sadness, and depression. For some individuals, answering these questions may produce some discomfort.

There is the chance of participants having aggravated symptoms from participating in the study. These may be from moderate to severe symptoms. The computer work may cause discomfort and this worsening of symptoms. These aggravated symptoms may include headache, dizziness, nausea, and/or discomfort. After the study, if you experience worsening of your symptoms, you are asked to return home and rest both physically and mentally. Should you find that your symptoms are not decreasing, you should seek medical attention from either your physician or the study’s physician.  As this study is completely voluntary, you may choose not to participate, and you can skip questions you do not wish to answer. Please note, that the present study is conducted under the supervision of a physician, Dr. Taryn Taylor. You can make a virtual appointment to see her at Carleton Sport Medicine Clinic if you have any questions or concerns (613-520-3510).

If you are interested in learning more about this study, please see the surveys at and or contact, Vicki Wong, PhD Candidate at