Experience Overview:

The goal of the program is to offer a comprehensive educational experience in the field of sport and orthopedic physiotherapy while achieving the required sport coverage hours to challenge the Sport Physiotherapy Canada Certificate or Diploma written and practical exam.

This experience can become tailored to the applicant’s goals and may volunteer hours beyond the minimum of the program.


Experience breakdown:

  • Increase knowledge and skills for first aid and emergency care
  • Increase knowledge in strength and conditioning. Will participate in assisting and leading workouts weekly (September-End of Season 2019)
  • Coverage of one home Game per week (Thursday or Sundays typically). Able to travel with team if willing.
  • Work alongside Sport Medicine physician for games in an interdisciplinary team approach
  • Learn typical sport injury assessment, diagnosis, treatment and return to sport approaches.
  • Taping, bracing and wound care management
  • Orthopedic Manual therapy mentorship available


Medical Responsibilities:

  • In collaboration with team therapist, assist in determining all therapy equipment and supplies required (inventory)
  • Aid in pre/post season medical screening
  • Rehearse and implement emergency action plan
  • Document and maintain accurate records for injuries and treatment
  • Work alongside equipment manager for maintenance of treatment room
  • Assist with game day warm up/cool down



Licensed to Practice Physiotherapy in Ontario

Malpractice Insurance

Sport First Responder Certification

Member of Sport Division of Canadian Physiotherapy Association



Letter of Intent

Current CV

2 Letters of Reference


Application Deadline

Jul 31st, 2018


Application submission and contact Information:

Mark Packwood:Mpackwood@windsorspitfires.com