Canadian Amateur Rowing Association (Rowing Canada Aviron)

Position: Sport Therapist – Manual
Job Category/Nature of Position: Full time professional
Immediate Supervisor: Lead Therapist
Location: National Training Centre, Quamichan (North Cowichan, BC)


Under the direction of and reporting to Rowing Canada Aviron (RCA)’s Lead Therapist, the Sport Therapist shall be based out of the National Team Daily Training Environment (DTE) and responsible for daily direct manual therapy support and national team therapy program implementation for RCA Athletes (Olympic, Paralympic, and NextGen).

As a key member of the RCA Sport Science Sport Medicine (SSSM) group the Sport Therapist will be actively involved in the development and implementation of the SSSM strategy, culture and plan. The Sport Therapist will assist with the oversite and co-ordination of all contracted RCA therapists.

As well, working with the RCA CMO and respective Sport Science and medical professionals contracted by RCA, the Sport Therapist will provide on-site management of medical and rehabilitative monitoring protocols as agreed to by said professionals.

The individual will work at the RCA National Training Centre (NTC) and will provide team support at training camps and competitions as determined in the annual planning process. As well, the Sport Therapist will be responsible for adherence to the RCA administrative protocols that pertain to supplies and services required within the medical and therapy program.

At the direction of the High Performance Leadership team, or the CMO, the Sport Therapist may represent RCA in dealings with CSI Network and other identified service organizations in respect to national team medical and therapeutic support needs.

The Sport Therapist will have all up to date professional certifications required by respective Canadian licensing agencies.

The Sport Therapist shall comply with all RCA and Professional Association codes of conduct that relate to their activities.

A. National Team
• Assist with the daily implementation of an athlete treatment process that is focused on pro-active monitoring and management of athlete health and structural assessments.
• Provide triage and immediate care in the DTE for RCA athletes.
• Co-ordinate care of athletes with the Lead Therapist and CMO and provide regular communication updates as needed to coaches, High Performance Leadership Team and SSSM practitioners.
• Monitor and respond to daily athlete tracking and monitoring reports to ensure immediate and proactive interventions or alerts where appropriate.
• Manage the internal RCA process of athlete referrals to appropriate professional medical staff and ensure timely and appropriate follow up and monitoring.
• Co-ordinate therapy including scheduling, reporting, and injury monitoring /management.
• Provide and manage individualized rehab and return to water programs for injured athletes in conjunction with the Lead Therapist, CMO, external providers, Strength & Conditioning, Physiology, and Coaches.
• Maintain regular communication with therapy providers in the DTE and externally to ensure collaboration and coordination of care.
• Manage the first aid and emergency care plan for the NTC.
• Assist the Lead Therapist and CMO in the development and monitoring of an athlete care protocol for the RCA national team.
• Ensure appropriate athlete files are maintained and that logs monitoring athlete rehabilitation progress are kept as required.
• Provide for appropriate athlete treatment structures off site at training camps and competitions as determined in the annual plan and be available for travel for training camps and competitions as determined in the annual plan
• Work with the Lead Therapist, CMO, HPD, National Team Coaches and the Director National Team Operations in providing a continuous and progressive athlete centered high performance environment.

B. Administration
• Assist with the daily administrative process in respect to athlete treatment appointments and provide coordination support for sport science services.
• Ensure that the logging of athlete medical status is up to date within the RCA injury and treatment database (Kinduct).
• Provide a weekly athlete medical / therapy status and treatment plan report to Lead Therapist, CMO, HPD, Coaches and SSSM providers.
• Attend the appropriate IST and sport practitioner meetings within the year.
• Assist the coaches and SSSM leads in providing therapy input into the YTP planning process and implementation.
• In conjunction with the Lead Therapist and CMO, plan and coordinate intake and screening medicals / labs and baseline testing for all RCA athletes identified for the NTC and Next Generation (NextGen) program.
• Work with the Director National Team Operations, Lead Therapist, HP Coordinators and CMO to coordinate the ordering and stocking process for all medical supplies as required by the RCA National Team for training centres, all training camps, and competitions.

C. Sport Science and Research (Integrated Support Team)
• Work with the HP Leadership Team and the respective Sport Science team to ensure that the Sport Science and Research needs of the National Team are met.
• Work with the HP Leadership team and discipline leads to develop identified IPT initiatives which may include but are not limited to Data, Analysis, education, culture, prevention etc.
• In conjunction with IPT leads and CMO to implement the injury prevention / analysis monitoring, biomechanic programs.
• Assist the HP Leadership Team, the coaches, and the CMO with planning, implementation and monitoring of the athlete assessment and testing programs.
• Where appropriate, act as an RCA liaison with CSI on elements of Sport Science monitoring and research that relate directly to athlete health and conditioning matters.

D. Developmental Programs
• Work with the HP Leadership Team and CMO in coordinating and managing prevention, screening, monitoring, and rehab services for the U23 and NextGen programs.

• Therapist is to continue with professional development in both professional therapy fields as well as in professional leadership / Sports science programs.
• Professional development programs are to be agreed to with the Lead Therapist and CMO in keeping with identified gaps or innovative opportunities identified during the review process.

The Therapist shall consult regularly with the Head Coach, National Team Coaches, Lead Therapist, and the CMO in program activities. It is expected that frequent communication will also occur with the HP leadership team. The individual shall be responsible to and evaluated by RCA’s Lead Therapist and CMO.

The Therapist shall participate in meetings specific to the job requirements and will be responsible to make recommendations where necessary. The individual will have sufficient authority to act in the daily management of program areas in accordance with the policies, programs and budget. Beyond these limits, the individual is required to have decisions approved by the HP leadership team or Lead Therapist.

Applicants must be a Physiotherapist with:
• Masters degree in physiotherapy (or equivalent) from a recognized institution.
• Valid Certificate of Registration with the College of Physiotherapists.
• Completion of level 3 of the AIM program within the Orthodivision of Physiotherapy Canada.
Or, a Chiropractor with:
• Fellowship with of the Royal College of Chiropractic Sport Sciences (Canada).


• A minimum of 5 years of experience with a performance-based sports organization.
• Preferable – Physiotherapist: Diploma in Sport Physiotherapy with Sport Physiotherapy Canada (SPC).
• Preferable – Physiotherapist: FCAMPT Certification.
• Preferable – experience with Paralympic athletes and programs.
• Preferable – major Games experience or specific rowing experience.
• Preferable – demonstrated experience with multiple treatment modalities.
• Experience in return to competition rehab management and programming.
• Preferable – able to communicate in both official languages.
• Availability to travel with the RCA teams to camps and competitions as required.
• Valid Certification in first responder and CPR.

Salary commensurate with Qualifications and Experience.

Candidates will be required to submit Criminal Record Check prior to confirmation of employment.