Located in Huntsville, Ontario, the team at Reactivate Muskoka is comprised of Sports Medicine Physicians, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Registered Massage Therapists, and we are affiliated with local and national coaches for endurance, and strength and conditioning.

We provide the highest level of customer service, in-person, online, and over the phone, fostering a relationship with our clients that includes them as an integral part of the clinical team treating their injuries and concerns.

Our team has a solitary mission in mind: get our clients’ bodies moving again the best way they can. We do this by employing a comprehensive, efficient, and holistic approach, in a multidisciplinary collaborative environment, for each of our clients, regardless of age or athletic ability. We create individualized, goal- oriented treatment plans so each of our clients can return to their full potential as quickly as possible and enjoy life and all of the adventures that come along with it.

In essence, we ‘reactivate’ our clients.

We are seeking a professional, energetic, conscientious, resilient, and engaging physiotherapist who is a motivated self starter and excels at providing the highest level of client care in our fast-paced, cohesive, and collaborative medical and rehabilitative team.

The team at Reactivate Muskoka operates under the principles of movement based medicine and rehabilitation, where we work as a team to correct dysfunctional movement patterns which are the result or the cause of the patients concerns and injuries.

Website: www.reactivatemuskoka.com

Email: rich@reactivatemuskoka.com