Susan Massitti is a physiotherapist located in Canmore and Calgary, Alberta.  She works for Evidence Sport and Spinal, is a Consultant for the Canadian Sport Institute Calgary and maintains a home practice.

Susan obtained her Bachelor of Science of Physical Therapy and Bachelor of Kiniesiology at the University of Alberta and completed her Masters of Manipulative Physiotherapy at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia.

A Sport Physiotherapy Canada Diploma holder since 1996 Susan has put them to good use in many sport environments. A few highlights include:

1998 Nagano where she competed in Long Track speedskating.

As well as attending 1994 Commonwealth Games;1996, 2000, 2008 Summer Olympics, 2006 Winter Olympics, 2012 Youth Olympics, 2015 PanAm Games, 2011 Youth Commonweath Games and 2001 University Games.

She reports her most challenging case was at the 2008 Olympics when a medal contender broke his ankle 2 days prior to qualifying.

Susan is a student of movement, active for life, enjoys biking (road, mountain, uni), skiing,  pilates, yoga, and hiking.

Connect with Susan, a valued SPC Diploma holder:
Evidence Sport and Spinal
Consultant for the Canadian Sport Institute Calgary

Here is what some of her patients have to say!

Thank you so much! You have been one of the major people apart of my journey to this medal! Thank you again for all the support you have provided.

My body responded really well to the treatment.  I wasn’t sore or fatigued by any means, but I did feel a little clumsy in the first half hour of training.   It’s almost as though we hit the reset button and it took a couple turns to get used to being even and powerful again!  So obviously no complaints there!  Quite honestly I’m thrilled!

I ultimately experienced a miracle of speedy and complete recovery under the expert care of Canadian Olympic team physiotherapist Susan Massitti.