Kristian Thorborg’s area of expertise is prevention, assessment and treatment of sports and orthopedic injuries. His clinical work and research includes all aspects of sport from elite to sub-elite – and all genders.

Kristian Thorborg is Professor at Copenhagen University (50% research), Denmark, in Orthopedic Surgery. Kristian is also currently Visiting Professor at Lund University (20% research), Sweden, in Sports Sciences. He is currently employed as Research Lead of 1) the Sports Orthopedic Research Center – Copenhagen (SORC-C) and 2) Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Research – Copenhagen (PMR-C) programme (Sports Medicine). Both centers/programmes are part of the Copenhagen – International Olympic Committee (IOC) – Research Centre in Injury and Illness Prevention, a collaboration between SORC-C, and Institute for Sports Medicine Copenhagen.

Kristian has published in Nature Disease Primer (2021), Nature Scientific Reports (2018) and JAMA, Surgery (2020), and has been the guest editor of Br J Sport Med four times (2017-2020). Kristian Thorborg has thirteen of his papers chosen as “Editor´s Choice” in international medical journals (2010-2020) and has published more than >250 original research articles, review papers, clinical commentaries, editorials and book chapters in the area of his expertise; prevention, assessment and treatment of sports and orthopedic injuries.

From the 186 peer-reviewed PubMed publications Kristian has 33 as first author, 48 as last author, with more than 30% of these papers published in the highest impact journals (≥ Impact Factor 12) within sports medicine and/or orthopedics. His current citation index (H-index) is 44, with > 7000 citations in total, >1700 citations in 2020.