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SPC is excited to be the guest editor for the December BJSM journal. We are opening a photo contest to all members for the COVER PHOTO of the issue. See criteria and submission information below.


Photos capturing sport physiotherapy and in particular any “Canadian” themed photos.

  • All photos need to be submitted with signed photo release forms attached in the email from all parties represented in the photo. Photos without signed release forms will not be considered.
  • All photographs will be required to be submitted in a jpeg format not exceeding 4MB
  • High resolution version of photos should be available if selected as cover shot
  • No black and white photos or sepia photos
  • No photo filters or text over the photos
  • Photos should not be blurry
  • Any photos entered should have your first and last name, phone number, and mailing address within the body of the email
  • If sending multiple images, please do not send individually. You can supply a zipped file with all images, not exceeding 4MB. Each photo will need the photographer’s info as stated above
  • Photos will only be accepted through email.

Photography Tips:

  • Be mindful of your backgrounds in your photos. Check for garbage, etc.
  • Ensure all equipment pictured is clean and in working condition. People or items in the photo should not have excessive branding.

Entry details: Deadline August 31, 2017

Send your photo entries and photo release forms to Ashley at with the subject line “PHOTO CONTEST”.

Download  SPC Photo Release form