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SPC Membership Award

We were very excited to present the 2019 SPC-MB Membership Award to the very deserving D’Arcy Bain at the 2019 SPC-MB Annual General Meeting on Saturday, April 6, 2019.  

Pictured above: D’Arcy Bain giving his acceptance speech, presenters Russ Horbal and Quinn Taylor(SPC-MB Executive Chair)

Pictured above (from left to right): Russ Horbal, D’Arcy Bain and Quinn Taylor (SPC-MB Executive Chair). 

 SPC-MB Annual General Meeting

in conjunction with Manitoba Physiotherapy Association AGM was held on Saturday, April 6th, 2019. 

For those who couldn’t attend, here are the 2019 Minutes as well as Financial Summary. 

2019 AGM Minutes

AGM Financial Summary 2019 (for 2018 year) – Sheet1

Upcoming Education Opportunities
SPC-MB presents Dr. Scotty Butcher


WHEN: Saturday, September 28th and Sunday, September 29th, 2019

WHERE: 100 Waverly Street, #14, Winnipeg, Manitoba 

COST: $420, SPC-Member price: $380

REGISTRATION IS OPEN: https://www.sportphysio.ca/events/strength-and-conditioning-in-rehab-with-scotty-butcher-winnipeg-mb-september-27-28/

Course Description:

This course will provide an evidenced-based discussion and review of strength and conditioning principles as they pertain to rehabilitation, present frameworks for incorporating strength assessment and prescription into daily rehabilitation practice with a focus on the transition from “therapeutic exercise” to “exercise training”, and present examples of strength and conditioning programs resulting in long term training adaptations for healthy, recreationally active, and clinical populations. With a primarily practical component, therapists will learn appropriate rationale and techniques for integrating major movement patterns into their therapeutic exercise programs and appropriate coaching methods and cues for assessing and teaching squatting, deadlifting, and pressing patterns. Finally, select conditioning methods and techniques will be taught and integrated into the programming frameworks.

Not sure who Dr. Scotty Butcher is? 
Follow him on Instagram!
Check out his website!

Student Sports Taping Workshop:

Date: Saturday, May 4th, 2019
Where: CoRS, University of Manitoba – Room TBA

SPC-MB is proud to announce that Steve Moerman will be providing U of M MPT students with a one day sport taping workshop! 

SPC Manitoba brings the University of Manitoba students an opportunity to be shown, practice and receive feedback on basic taping skills. Taping techniques to include (as time permits): ankle (open/closed), arch, thumb, wrist ACJ, knee & groin.
This is a private course and is only open to University of Manitoba students.
Cost: $100 plus tax
Registration Deadline: April 25, 2019
Course Date: May 4, 2019
Location: R224 of the College of Rehabilitation Sciences
Snacks and refreshments will be provided. Please pack your own lunch.

REGISTRATION LINK: https://www.sportphysio.ca/events/university-of-manitoba-student-taping-course-private-course-may-4-2019/

Sport First Responder:
**NEW DATES** June 14th – 16th, 2019

Date: June (14), 15, 16/ 2019
Instructor: Mike McMurray

REGISTRATION NOW OPEN: https://www.sportphysio.ca/events/spc-first-responder-for-sport-healthcare-professionals-winnipeg-mb-march-8-10/?fbclid=IwAR1yZoLENsEXx7GfagwcU6fdh4ngelI0LbwhvnyR_6eGcZBbJ1uksrLK_lk

This is a 3-day lecture and practical course (second 2 days for those requiring recertification only) that meets the requirements of the Canadian Red Cross Society and Sport Physiotherapy Canada for First Responder Certification.
The examples/scenarios used will be sport-specific to enhance the learning of all participants with regard to event coverage situations (whether planning to challenge the SPC Certificate/Diploma exams or not). At the end of the course, the participant:
• Complete a standardized written exam to meet national Canadian Red Cross standards
• Have an enhanced ability to respond to emergency situations on-site (ie: head injuries and bleeds)
• Be trained to use oxygen and an Automated External Defibrillator
• Be able to transfer players onto spinal boards effectively (including rolls)
*Please note that First Responder Certification must be renewed every 3 years*
Course Fees:
SPC Members: Full Course: $565 (plus tax); Recertification: $440 (plus tax);
Non-member Fees: Full Course: $600 (plus tax); Recertification: $460 (plus tax);
New SPC Student Members: Full Course: $510 (plus tax)
*To be eligible for the student fee, you must be currently enrolled in a post-secondary program. These registrations will be monitored.
All participants will receive a pocket CPR mask during the course. Manuals are provided to Full Course participants only.
Recertification participants are required to bring the manual from their previous course. If you require a new manual, please select the Recertification with a new manual option.
Meal and refreshments are not provided.

Considering pursing your SPC Credentials?  Did you know that the Sport First Responder Course is a prerequisite?  Keep your eyes posted for registration to open shortly — get yourself on your path to becoming Credentialed SPC Sport Physiotherapist! 


Concussion Educators/Facilitators/Presenters Needed

Athletes, coaches, medical professionals and parents have increased their awareness of and concern about concussion in sport. Manitoba is part of a national movement to help protect youth participating in sport from the effects of concussion.

The Province of Manitoba, in conjunction with Sport Manitoba, has initiated the process of bringing into law The Concussion in Youth Sport Act, which addresses concussions in youth in amateur, competitive and school-based sport.

This Bill will require provincial sport organizations to adopt a return-to-play protocol for youth athletes who sustain or are suspected of sustaining a concussion. This protocol requires coaches to remove athletes suspected to have sustained a concussion from play until medically cleared to return and – perhaps more importantly – dictates that young athletes and their caregivers receive concussion awareness information and training.

Sport Manitoba has formed the Sport Manitoba Concussion Working Group, which is currently standardizing return-to-sport templates for provincial sport organizations and developing informational resources for both sport organizations and athletes on concussion recognition and management (these resources are based on The 5th International Consensus Statement on Concussion in Sport and Canadian Guideline on Concussion in Sport.)

The Sports Medicine and Science Council of Manitoba (SMSCM) has taken an active role with this working group and has three key roles to play moving forward:

  1. To share information with the Sport Manitoba membership (PSO’s, coaches, etc.) regarding concussion recognition and management as well as the new Act.
  2. To lead and participate public education on the topic.
  3. To establish and manage a speakers’ bureau to facilitate this information sharing.

That’s where you come in.

We need you – our member groups – and your respective memberships to volunteer as educators, facilitators and presenters to form this speakers’ bureau and ensure information is disseminated.

Sport organizations and the public will be directed to SMSCM to request specific educational sessions for their needs. Presenters will be matched with these requests based on availability, location, background and specific sport interests and expertise.

The Working Group will provide a standardized presentation, so your commitment will simply include familiarizing yourself with the content and sharing the key messages – not developing any course materials or curriculum. The presentation will be accompanied by basic training and a set of common questions and answers to ensure we are all sharing the same key messaging. In the near future, the SMSCM and the Sport Manitoba Concussion Working Group will be holding workshops to recruit and to educate potential presenters.

The presentations are being designed for delivery at a basic educational level, by any sports medicine or science professional regardless of their respective background, in approximately 60 minutes.

Presenters will be required to sign a Code of Conduct ensuring that they will act professionally and deliver the consistent message according to provided guidelines. Presenters will be given an honorarium along with a Sport Manitoba golf shirt to wear at their sessions.

The Concussion in Youth Sport Act will likely be passed within the year and we will need to provide education to all involved as soon as possible. If you are interested in participating in this monumental process, please complete the attached form and return it ASAP to The Sports Medicine and Science Council of Manitoba.

If you have any questions or need further clarification, please feel free to contact us at the SMSCM (email: sport.med@sportmanitoba.ca or phone: 204.925.5750)

Thank you in advance,

The Sports Medicine and Science Council of Manitoba

Click here for application: Concussion in Youth Sport Act-SMSCM educators recruitment

SPC-MB Student Merit Award – 2018 Recipient

Recently, SPC-MB Executive Chair Quinn Taylor got the honour of handing out our SPC-MB Student Merit Award at the CoRS 2018 Convocation!

Each year, this prize is awarded to a graduating student who has shown significant interest in the field of sports physiotherapy. They are deemed to be the highest ranked student based on a combination of the candidate’s sports physiotherapy experience and a letter of recommendation.  The recipient of our award receives a $250 certificate towards a course offered by SPC-MB.

This year’s recipient has been involved in the sports medicine community since 2012, when he first obtained his sport first responder certification. As an MPT student, he volunteered his time at major events such as the 2017 Canada Summer Games, the PGA Mackenzie Tour Players Cup, and the World Masters Ultimate Club Championships. Between these three events alone, he volunteered over 200 hours. He also leant his hand at hockey tournaments, the Manitoba Marathon, Athletics Manitoba track meets, and several other events during this period.

In the first few years of his practice, he plans to enrol in the SPC credentialing program, and has already accepted a role as a first responder with the Seven Oaks School Division. He hopes to one day serve as a mentor for future grads that share his passion for sport.

A big congratulations to Vincent Francisco, our recipient for 2018!

Vincent, pictured above, with SPC-MB Executive Chair Quinn Taylor.

Upcoming Events Requiring Coverage

Physio Fit Run

Saturday, May 11th, 2019
Location: Assiniboine Park, Winnipeg, MB

The Physio Fit Run was established in 1990 for one reason….to promote Fitness and Health at a grassroots level in a Fun atmosphere!  Student participation has always also been a major focus inspiring the three School Awards presented annually.  The School Challenge Award, School Spirit Award, School on the Move Award.  The original inspiration came from participation in the Vancouver Sun Run at a time when local races were not as popular as they are today.  The race has grown from 75 participants to 1800 in the 90’s prior to the explosion of races and has settled at 800-1000 participants.  A charitable component has also been incorporated over the years with the Manitoba Riding for the Disabled and current charity of choice.  Race day is very exciting with mascots, amazing random prizes, and giveaways on the course, T-shirts for participants and more recently…..medals!   Yes we now have bling!

We are currently accepting volunteers to work as: 
1. Course Marshals
2. Bike Marshals

Any interested parties can contact Volunteer Coordinator Kelsey Moeller Brown at 


Executive Committee


Quinn Taylor
Executive Chair
Pure Lifestyle Ltd.
1129 Empress St.
Winnipeg, MB
t: 204-338-7873
f: 204-788-1492
e: quinn@purewinnipeg.com

Vanessa Voth
D’Arcy Bain Physiotherapy
100-2200 McPhillips Street
Winnipeg, MB
t: 204-694-2337

Kelsey Moeller Brown
Marketing and Communications Coordinator
Quarry Physiotherapy in Stonewall, inMotion Network
3-347 Main Street
Stonewall, Manitoba
t: 204-467-9101
f: 204-467-9102
e: moeller.kelsey@gmail.com

Curtis Friesen
Education Co-Chair
Riverbend Physiotherapy at St. Boniface Clinic
Winnipeg, MB
343 Tache Ave
t: 204-336-3204

Brandon Labonte
Education Co-Chair
United Therapies Rehabilitation Centre
104-1695 Henderson Hwy
Winnipeg, MB
t: 204-338-5252
f: 204-334-1948
e: brandon@unitedtherapies.ca

Shanley Mowatt
Membership Development Coordinator
Windsor Park Physiotherapy and Athletic Injuries Centre
130-50 Lakewood Blvd
Winnipeg, MB
Fit4Life Physiotherapy and Wellness Centre
3-2665 Henderson Highway
East Saint Paul, MB
e: shanley@fit4lifephysio.com

Haley Stenberg
Sport Medicine and Science Council of Manitoba SPC Representative
Vista Place Physiotherapy
Unit K-1631 St Mary’s Road
Winnipeg, MB
t: 204-253-2165
f: 204-253-2229
e: hqstenberg@gmail.com

Jeff Manliguez
Events Co-Chair
e: manliguezj@gmail.com

Emily Campbell
Events Co-Chair
e: umcamp24@myumanitoba.ca

Sitha Soung
Equipment Co-Chair
e: ssoung.rtp@gmail.com

Brad Gangloff
Equipment Co-Chair
e: bgangloff1988@gmail.com

Sabrina Rossi
MPT Year 1 Student Representative
University of Manitoba: College of Rehabilitation Sciences
e: rossis3@myumanitoba.ca

Justin Giesbrecht
MPT Year 1 Student Representative
University of Manitoba: College of Rehabilitation Sciences
e: giesbr27@myumanitoba.ca

Kahlil Diaz-Hammond
MPT Year 2 Student Representative
University of Manitoba: College of Rehabilitation Sciences
e: diazhamk@myumanitoba.ca

Danielle Klassen
MPT Year 2 Student Representative
University of Manitoba: College of Rehabilitation Sciences
e: danielle.klassen11@gmail.com




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