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Practical Experience

The Certificate and Diploma necessitate that the candidates gain strong practical experience in situations in which they are exposed to a variety of sports injuries and problems, and a variety of individuals working and participating in sport. Beyond basic entry knowledge and skills, the candidate must develop a high degree of competency in the area of assessment and management of acute injuries, proficiency in taping and strapping, and in the general fitting and modification of protective equipment. Experience in the areas of fitness and conditioning, and pre-season screening is also required. The acquisition of many of these skills is not part of the traditional undergraduate program and cannot be totally developed in a classroom or clinic setting. The practical field experience is a must and cannot be compromised if the physiotherapist is to gain and maintain credibility with the athlete, the coach and others working in sports.

  • practical experience is an integral component to the acquisition of the necessary skills and knowledge at all levels.
  • a member needs to commit a great deal of time and energy towards meeting the requirements of each level within the system. For the Certificate and Diploma,it is strongly recommended that a physiotherapist obtain extensive experience working with a team/organization in a non-clinical setting.
  • it is recommended that a minimum of 800 hours (post grad) of practical experience be obtained to meet the behavioural objectives of both the Certificate and Diploma. Of that requirement, a minimum of 200 hours must be logged and reviewed by an advisor recognized by SPC as having an indepth understanding of the specified behavioural objectives.
  • the advisory program is meant to provide further guidance to interested members as they progress through the education system.
  • work in situations where the chance of injuries occurring are higher. Involvement with contact sports and/or higher levels of competition, are strongly recommended in achieving this objective.


For the Certificate and Diploma, each candidate will be required to take a nationally standardized examination to ensure that SPC can guarantee a minimum standard of skill and knowledge. Examinations are comprised of two components – a written and a practical exam. Exam participants must successfully complete the written examination at a given level to be eligible to apply for the practical exam portion. Success must be achieved in both written and practical components to receive credential status.

It should be emphasized that many avenues of study are available to the membership bringing them to the point where they can qualify for examinations. Program participants are supported by a Mentor system and have access to Certificate and Diploma holders for assistance.