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Questions have arisen around the messaging of the role of physiotherapy in concussion management and by extension the role of Allied Health Professionals within concussion management.

It should be noted that the Consensus Statement is developed by the Concussion in Sport Group (CISG) consisting of International experts, including SPC/CPA contributors. The Parachute Guidelines are guidelines that have also been developed by experts including SPC/CPA contributors.


SPC and CPA have been working collaboratively with Parachute and our Allied Health Colleagues to improve the messaging and support for the important role we play in Concussion Management.

As the first step in this effort please see the attached statement also available on the CPA and SPC website.

Physiotherapy is an essential partner in concussion management 

Please feel free to share this. We will keep the SPC membership updated on future developments.

If you aren’t aware already the CCC recently released a great tool titled Four Characteristics of a Good Concussion Clinic (July 2017). 
You can find this resource here for use in your clinic:

Please feel free to share with me any questions or concerns you have.

Ashley Lewis
Executive Director, SPC